April 2012 Newsletter • Co-Chairs' Corner

We would like to thank Laurel Stengel for sharing the most up to date information on the decision to move forward with the Area Mail Processing (AMP) decisions. The closing of 223 facilities from a current total of 461 will definitely have some affect on us and our clients. More information will be presented as it is made available.

However there was a reiteration of the following from the USPS, including a commitment of the following:

• No immediate changes to business acceptance locations or hours of
• Deliberate timing of operational moves to limit customer impact
• Continuation of Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) discounts at affected Bulk Mail Entry Units (BMEUs).
• Expanded Drop Shipment Appointments will be available
• Continual communications
• There will be changes to BMEU hours or locations. Should a BMEU need to be relocated in the future, all customers would receive 120 days notice of the intended move, and any new location would be in close proximity to the original.
• DSCF discounts will continue to be available for mailings entered at
BMEUs that remain in impacted facilities

We would also like to thank Geriann Wakely for her update on the changes to folded self mailers & booklets mail piece design which will be effective in January, of 2013. There was a tremendous amount of information, and we will be putting together a hands on workshop early in the fall to help everyone have a better understanding of the changes. Keep an eye out for the date. It will be a great opportunity to bring people from your staff down and we’ll have a round table discussion along with samples of the various options.

A special thank you to Brian Baxter for all his hard work on putting together this years LI PCC Annual Golf Outing which will be held on June 6th, at the Wind Watch Golf and Country Club in Hauppauge. More details to follow. Your help would be greatly appreciated, please contact Brian directly at (631) 663-3239 or briandmlenvelope@aol.com to volunteer.

Our next meeting will be held on April 18th and will be about packaging
services. Please mark the date in your calendar and I look forward to
seeing you there.

Lorraine Castellano,
Postal Co-Chair
Adam Avrick,
Industry Co-Chair